Locksmith Prices in Melbourne: Are you getting ripped off?

You may have asked some people to recollect their experience of paying for a locksmith, and you’re probably going to hear a progression of descriptors along with the lines of “excessively,” “costly,” “hundreds,” or “scam.”

Paying to be let once again into your own vehicle or house, such as hacking up your well-deserved money on a parking ticket can be exceptionally irritating. Be that as it may, are locksmith costs truly so terrible?

Proficient locksmiths, maybe obviously, don’t think so. In any case, even the expert locksmiths concede that the industry is full of con artists.

Locksmith Overcharging is Common

It might have occurred to you sometime or recently. You have locked yourself out of your home or your car so you go on the web to find an emergency locksmith who claims they charge $20 or $30. They come to you, they get you back in your home or car, yet you wind up paying 3 or 4 times the sum that they had cited. This happens constantly. A considerable lot of our clients disclose to us that they have had a negative experienced. We can only empathize but to those who have not been into the locksmith overcharging situation here are some tips.

Before hiring a locksmith service:

Check their certificates. Professional locksmiths are normally enlisted with locksmith affiliations, for example, Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA). On the off chance that they ought to be accounted for cheating or some other amateurish conduct, they will probably lose their permit and it will make it troublesome for them to look for some kind of employment.

Demand a written quote. Never, ever let a locksmith begin work before they give you a given you a written quote. Amateurish locksmiths will give you a verbal quote since they realize that there is not a lot you can do when they overquote.

The LocksUnlimited team are highly esteemed in giving proficient and straightforward locksmith services to our clients. Get in touch with us today.

What does a locksmith do?

According to MLAA , a locksmith is often underestimated, typically misinterpreted or mistaken in what they do due to the lack of public awareness and perhaps clarity in the depiction of what exactly a locksmith does. To most of us, a locksmith essentially is the man who cuts keys or repairs the locks on doors.

There is considerably more to locksmithing in today’s modern world; nowadays, a locksmith can help you with your every security needs.

Locksmithing, a Calling

The locksmithing calling has a history as old as civilisation itself, with discernable periods reaching out from established relic through to the PC time. The security of one’s belonging dates back to the antiquated Pharaoh’s, with tombs containing locking gadgets viewed as the forefathers of the current locking frameworks.

Today a locksmith might be required to perform services extending from giving clients another transponder key for their ute, sedan or hatchback, give an exhortation on best securing one’s significant gems or outlining and executing a high-security limited ace key framework for a tall structure.

The services and ranges of abilities of locksmiths have likewise changed drastically, with car masters, criminological locksmiths and those whose aptitude lies in safe-work ending up increasingly in-demand.

Locksmith Wide Range of Services

Locksmith services include and are not limited to:

  • Re-key Locks
  • Key cutting
  • Restricted Master Key Systems
  • Electronic Security
  • Install locks
  • Door installation
  • Security monitoring
  • 24 emergency service
  • Alarm installation
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Fitting security screen doors
  •  CCTV
  • Safe Installations & Safe Sales
  • Safe Picking
  • Change safe combinations
  • Security Audits
  • Repair or replace broken locks
  • Home security advice
  • Lock sales
  • Forensic Locksmithing
  • Covert surveillance
  • Transponder cloning
  • Automotive lock-outs
  • Domestic lock-outs
  • Install door closers
  • Keys cut to code
  • Commercial Door Hardware
  • Window locking devices
  • Hardware sales
  • Supply & repair of remotes
  • Home automation

Locksmiths are Qualified Professionals

It’s essential to note that locksmiths are qualified professionals and has met all requirements to offer you with security advice and answers for help address your issues.

The same can be said while connecting with an expert locksmith rather than a ‘jack of all trades‘ in any private or business circumstance. They may install a lock on a front door (your first line of defence) that isn’t strong enough, on a door that is actually built for internal use or on doorframe wouldn’t withstand a direct impact from an intruder. An awesome catchy line used by numerous locksmiths is ‘there is a reason why cheap locks are so cheap!

Also, would a handyman, land specialist or property chief know whether a deadbolt can be put on the passage entryways of a in a high-rise apartment block or alternatively which lever or knob sets comply with the Australian Building Code?

A locksmith will have the knowledge to disclose to you that deadbolts can’t be fitted on unit passage entryways in an apartment block, as these don’t comply with Australian Standards (AS 1530.4 – 2005)

Locksmiths can also access patented security key systems, where a purpose-built security system can be installed allowing for a whole range of scenarios including access permissions, date/time access control, key expiry and more.

LocksUnlimited is MLAA accredited. Talk to us today.

5 Home Security Must Haves

Melbourne local news is filled with stories of break-ins and burglaries. It’s frustrating and sad— and in most cases, completely avoidable.

locksunlimted house_LockThe depressing fact is, it’s actually not that hard to get into most homes. The problem is that most homes have weak points, and seasoned thieves are pretty good at finding them.

The weak points that lead to most burglaries are somewhat more hidden. They’re easy enough to fix, though. Thoughtfully securing a home against break-in, while never a sure thing, can at least greatly reduce the risk of falling prey to this particular violation.

And this doesn’t mean robbing the bank. It means making a few changes, additions and behavior modifications that create a less appealing target. Keep your home safe with these helpful handy tips.


Apartment Renters Security Guide

locksunlimited - apartment securityApartment renters have special security concerns. Living close with other tenants, and the great amount of foot traffic can be aspects that may escalate the risk of intrusion and burglary.

From a locksmith point of view, here are some tips to deliberate when picking an apartment, and ideas for keeping the place safe after lease signing.

Before Making the Move

Security should be a top priority to protect your home and family before making that decision to move into a new apartment.

1. Check and Study Local Crime. Once you reckon you’ve found your dream apartment, check the local crime data of the area first. Find out any concerning activities in the neighborhood before signing a lease. Speak with the local police, prospective neighbours and your future landlord. Get an honest view of what life is like in the place.

These websites may also be useful Vicpolicenews.com.au, Crimestoppersvic.com.au, Crimestatistics.vic.gov.au, and Police.gov.com.au will have the factual information you need.

2. Ensure Good Lighting. Burglars like dark and dingy prefer spaces. So on your new apartment consider checking the entrances, hallways, walkways, parking areas, elevators, stairways, mail areas, and laundry rooms and ensure they have good lighting especially at night. If there are areas that look unsafe, talk to your landlord about getting more lights installed.

You may also think about putting a motion sensor light where necessary (usually the entrances). Make sure there are no dim, poorly lit to hide, the safer you’ll be.

locksunlimited clean apartment3. Note Standard Upkeep. Consider all the routine maintenance and take in the general look and feel of the apartment. Are there water stains, broken windows, or cracked drywall, or water stains displays a lack of concern from a landlord. How about the lawn and landscaping, are these well-kept too?

If the landlord takes the standard basic maintenance for granted, chances are there would be lapses as well with general security.

4. Ensure Safe Apartment Entrances. Building security must be a top priority when choosing an apartment. Residents must have control of the apartment access points to reduce possibilities of break-ins.

Most apartments outside entry have gates which require a key, a passcode, or buzz-ins to access the hallways before having real access to apartment doors.

locksunlimited peephole5. Look into a Peephole. A peephole, peekhole, spyhole or door viewer, is a small opening through a door allowing an individual to look from the inside to the outside. It can keep you and your family safe by allowing you to see who’s at your door before you open it. If your door does not one ask about getting one installed before moving in. A peephole is particularly useful when there are questionable characters at your door. It keeps you safe and helps prevent any compromising situations. One modern alternative is to have a smart doorbell camera which lets you answer your apartment door anywhere with your smartphone. This type allows you to see who is visiting your apartment through your smartphone.

5. Get New Door Locks or Rekey Locks. In places with a constant turnover of houses, flats, apartments, and businesses like Melbourne– it’s vital to re-key current keys. More on rekeying here. It is better to be wise than sorry. Request to have your apartment locks replaced with brand new locks, not reused or refurbished ones. Never take the chance of having somebody having access to your apartment with an old key.

6. Inspect Window Locks. Windows are second preferred burglar access point. This is more so for apartments on the ground level. So consider all windows as a probable entry point – make sure all window locks are functioning perfectly and cannot be wielded from the outside.

7. Notice the Fire Alarms and Exits. To keep safe make sure the alarms are all in order and the exits are clear. Check if the fire escape access are properly kept and not accessible to intruders and burglars.


In apartment complexes, exterior fire escapes can be lifesavers during an emergency, but their access to windows and balconies can also attract burglars. If your apartment has a fire escape, make sure it is stored properly off the ground, so intruders can’t reach your apartment.

For more apartment security measures, get in touch with LocksUnlimited today.

Must Knows About Restricted Key Access

LocksUnlimited supports the use of restricted key access for businesses improved security.


Key restricted access is mainly used to limit the means of entry access to some areas in the business to only authorised key personnel. Example of these areas includes the server room, the records room, the stock room, the safe, etc.

Having restricted key access, only chosen staff will have a key or the ability to or privilege of admittance to easily keep track of who has been in and out of the area.  Working with key restricted access offer many advantages.


As soon as your locksmith has done you the required number of key copies, you can be absolutely certain the keys cannot be copied. Significantly, only the prime locksmith who made the copies can cut a restricted key. Another assurance is that the key can only be cut if your locksmith has obtained your directions or request.


You can enjoy the guarantee of waking up every day knowing that your assets are secured. Of course, you always have the option to have a locksmith fit standard locks but with consider that crimes are on the rise, these days safety is key. Restricted keys offer boosted security giving you peace of mind. Restricted keys are hard to break in. If someone really wanted to break in, it will take time, ample time for you to alert the authorities.


LocksUnlimited uses only top of the line standard locks. However, you cannot discount seasoned burglars to succeed in picking your lock. For this reason, LocksUnlimited suggests for every business areas needing utmost security to have restricted keys. Simply put, employ locking system that can not be picked. It gives business owners control. In case of unauthorised access, you can narrow it down with an authorised key in the wrong hands.


This is true. Compare the investment you will initially put down for your locking system VS the potential loss you may bring your business or home. It is always better safe than sorry. Your restricted key access expense is only a small fraction of the likely loss that can occur in case of intruders break in.

So wait no more. Level up your business’s security today! LocksUnlimited can help you install restricted key access. Should you require more information about restricted key access, dial 1300 303 720 and a professional locksmith will be happy to help.

LocksUnlimited offers many good options to secure your home and business.

When Do You Call a Locksmith?

Businesses and people contact a locksmith for countless varying intentions. Homeowners, landlords, and business owners rely on locksmith in Melbourne in times of lock out and lock problems for our services.  The most usual problem people call for our assistance is during locked out occurrences in their homes or business.

Another most common reason you will need to call a locksmith is when you plan to improve your home or business security. A professional locksmith can install security systems be it simple or elaborate depending on requirements.

Below are the most obvious reasons most people call a locksmith


Locked out situations are our most common call-out. It can happen to anyone at the most unexpected time. LocksUnlimited is your locksmith on the move in Melbourne. We will come to your location to help you get inside your property, asap.


If there are instances that you can get into your own house or office not needing a key, there may be something wrong with your security! Unfortunately, most of us realise the flaws of our security system only after a burglary.


A locksmith can also service car locked out along with the roadside assistance service. Our professional locksmiths are skilled in bypassing new locking systems for new car models. If your car is in a parking lot, and you have been locked out from your car – the more you’ll need a locksmith in Melbourne who can get to you quickly.


We always lose keys more often than we’d like (yes, it happens to the most of us). Most of us may have spare keys yet still we experience losing that one last key. Modern keys are no longer cut using metal cutting machines. Locks are becoming more and more sophisticated with some featuring electronic details, thus requiring a bit of coding knowledge.

There are more reasons to contact a locksmith in Melbourne. For your constant security and enhanced safety call LocksUnlimited today.

Home Security Tips from a Master Locksmith

As practicing security professionals helping clients every day to secure their homes, vehicles, and businesses – we had our share of witnessing security hits and misses. As master locksmiths, it is our duty to ensure the safest environment is delivered in our service areas around Melbourne. We wish to see that everyone commit to their security as a top priority.

So, direct from LocksUnlimited master locksmiths, below are our home security tips.

Exterior, Out-of-doors

• Brighten the foyer, set up lights outside the house, in the garden
• Cut and tidy bushes and clear away any possible hiding spots
• Don’t leave large boxes, chairs, and ladders outside
• General alarm and monitoring signs can be good burglar deterrents
• Always secure mailboxes, have them locked
• Evaluate the benefits of an alarm system or CCTV

Windows and Doors

• It is wise to have every door with exterior access to have a deadbolt
• Bolster door jambs with long screws so they don’t get kicked in easily
• Favor steel security doors with burglar safe glass
• Make it a habit to shut blinds and curtains when leaving the house or even when you’re just at home to avoid being scoped for burglary
• Ensure windows are locked, only open them when necessary and you are at home
• Have dowels in all doors and windows to reinforce security


• Never leave your keys with others; a lock box with a security code is better
• When keys are lost, don’t just get new keys, change the locking system
• Look at having all your keys the same, (other than the ones for cleaners or babysitters) this way, if a key is lost or your safety is in question, only one lock needs to be replaced

The same home security applies for property rentals. It is important to evaluate the security features your house or building has. Contact LocksUnlimited to a full security assessment of your home, apartment or building.

Stay Away from Scammers, Go for a Trusted Locksmith

Stay Away from Scammers, Go for a Trusted Locksmith

A locksmith is in charge of your home, car or business security so it is a must that your locksmith is someone you rely upon. He is accountable and is tasked to maintain the safety of your property.

Sadly, more and more consumers are getting scammed by locksmiths day in and day out. These scammers pose as professional locksmiths. They install locks and secretly make copies of the keys. They then return at a later time and with the key copies, they have easy access to your house, your vehicle or your trade.

So, how can you prevent this unfortunate circumstance from happening to you? LocksUnlimited shares this helpful tips from our team of reliable locksmiths.

TIP #1.) Beware of locksmiths asking you to replace locks

When locksmiths advise changing a lock during a lockout – that is a red flag. A skilled locksmith can get you in without destroying any locks. A locksmith asking for unnecessary lock replacement is either not good or is after the money.

TIP #2.) Inconsistent quote

When you are given a quote, a good locksmith sticks by it. When quotes change like the wind – that is another red flag. Simply don’t do any business with tradesmen who cannot stand by their word.

TIP #3.) The only hero show

Be aware that when you lost or broke a car key specifically, you can ask any locksmith to replace it with the alarm system. Of course, nearly all car dealers say they are the only ones who can solve your problem – this is clearly not true.

TIP #4.) Best referral is from someone you know

Pick your locksmith from a friend referral or from someone you know. Testimony from family, colleague or neighbor is always better than the internet.

TIP #5.) Locksmith on foot

Credible and professional locksmiths will normally have a service vehicle. It is a valuable tool used to move around service area. Exercise some caution when your locksmith arrives on foot – unless he is the neighbor.

TIP #6.) Get an ID all the time

Make it a habit to always ask for identification not just for locksmiths but for any service person who accesses your home, car or business. A professional locksmith has a card with a picture of them showing their accreditation. Credible locksmiths have business cards to hand to clients.

We hope our 6 words of the wise aids you in finding the local locksmith who will be your hero. LocksUnlimited has been a trusted local locksmith in Melbourne for over 25 years.

Save Money on Melbourne Locksmith Services

Save Money on Melbourne Locksmith Services

Thinking ahead and being smart can save you money when it comes to locksmith services

The price tag for locksmith services especially in Melbourne can be restrictive. LocksUnlimited understands this. So, we came up with some money saving tips to help you proactively lessen the probability of needing to call for an emergency locksmith.

Smart money saving tip 1. Always keep a spare key. Losing your keys can become an expensive accident. So, it is wise to get spare keys before you need them. Create spare keys while it is still convenient. It is as easy as getting your keys copied. So, while you still have your home, business, or car keys, ensure to call your local locksmith in Melbourne to make duplicates for you. It is wise to have spare keys on hand in case the original breaks or is lost. Getting a key copied or duplicated costs a fraction of what it costs to have a locksmith rekey or create a brand-new key for you or buying new locks.

Smart money saving tip 2. Be smart when changing locks. Changing locks can become expensive whether it is for your home or business. One way you can save is to buy the locks that you need yourself. You can then call a locksmith in Melbourne to install it. But you should know how to choose the right lock or you can leave it to the professionals. You can do this by simply calling a mobile locksmith in Melbourne to help you. Or better yet, cut cost by simply rekeying. LocksUnlimited is experts in re-keying.

Smart money saving tip 3. Use quality locks. Good quality, durable locks are more cost effective because they last for a longer period. You may spend a little bit more on the purchase but you get to save because you won’t be changing locks as often. Use the quality, expensive locks for exterior doors and the less expensive ones which can easily be replaced for interiors or easily repaired doors.

Smart money saving tip 3. Research and keep a locksmith contact handy. Always be prepared by doing your own research about locksmiths in your area. Choose the one you can trust and keep a master locksmith contact number handy.  A little planning can save you money when it comes to locksmith services. LocksUnlimited is your locksmiths on the move in Melbourne. Contact us at 1300 303 720.

Benefits of hiring a mobile locksmith in Melbourne

Benefits of hiring a mobile locksmith in Melbourne

We never really prepare for lockout situations. We always hear lock outs happening to other people, until – boom, you got locked out yourself! The lock out matter becomes serious and your world either suddenly stops or go wild! Lock outs can happen to anyone and everyone – regardless of age, income or education. It only takes seconds of distraction, and in a blink, you find yourself on the wrong side of a locked door! Help! Emergency lockout!

Lock outs happen every day in Melbourne. A lock out situation may occur at home, with your car, at your business, at work, or while you are on vacation. Here at LocksUnlimited, we help locked out persons on a regular basis. Our professional locksmiths are lock out experts.

Get a locksmith on the move for any Emergency Lockout

LocksUnlimited locksmith service is mobile so we can quickly respond to your emergency lockout call. Our mobile locksmiths in Melbourne are licensed and trained to fix any lockout situations. Our mobile locksmith service benefits you in more ways than one.

  1. Our mobile locksmiths are quick. Lock out situations are inconvenient already. How much more if the lockout emergency happens during a cold night? Our mobile locksmiths can get you back on track and inside your house without delay. Our professional mobile locksmiths create solutions for you within minutes.
  2. Our mobile locksmiths are available 24/7. From experience, we get emergency lock out calls anytime of the day that is why we work round-the-clock. LocksUnlimited operates any time of the day, 7 days a week. So, fear not any lock out situations when our locksmiths in Melbourne can save the day!
  3. Our mobile locksmiths are trained professionals. Our mobile locksmiths are trained and are certified by Master Locksmith Association of Australasia (MLAA). We abide my MLAA’s established code of ethics.
  4. Our mobile locksmith service reaches Melbourne wide. We are your locksmith team in the following areas:
  • Locksmith in Melbourne
  • Locksmith in Melbourne CBD
  • Locksmith in Brunswick
  • Locksmith in Carlton
  • Locksmith in Greensborough
  • Locksmith in Fitzroy
  • Locksmith in Northcote
  • Locksmith in Prenston
  • Locksmith in Richmond
  • Locksmith in North Melbourne

LocksUnlimited offers an array of services such as re-keying, emergency rekey, lock replacement, office lockout, lock installation, master key systems, file cabinet locks, keys by code, safe combination changes, door closers, electronic locks, key control, latch guards, lock boxes and detex alarms. Our locksmiths on the move offer lockout solutions for both residential and commercial calls. Pick up the phone and dial 1300 303 720

Our locksmiths on the move offer lockout solutions for both residential and commercial calls. Pick up the phone and dial 1300 303 720