To Rekey or to Replace key, that is the question?

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To Rekey or to Replace key, that is the question?

Most LocksUnlimited customers want us to change their locks thinking it is their only option. But did you know that there is the rekey possibility? Do you know the difference between rekeying and replacing locks?

To rekey or replace?

At LocksUnlimited, being good locksmiths, we take it as our responsibility to primarily assess whether a customer just needs to rekey locks or need to replace the locks completely. Many of our customers aren’t even aware that there is an option or which one is best for them. In most cases, as many as 16 keys would operate a single home’s lock. Many locks can be rekeyed and kept in service some can even be made to function better.

So, what does rekeying a lock mean?

Rekeying is simply adjusting the parts of the lock so that it functions with a different key, without of course compromising the security of your home. This sounds simple, but if you are not a professional locksmith or a well-trained locksmith, this can be difficult to accomplish. You can rekey a lock yourself. Today many lock manufacturers make rekeying kits found at any local home improvement stores. But if you are DIY challenged, you may want to leave the job to a professional locksmith. It is best to give your local locksmith a call.

When is it best to rekey locks?

  • For instances when you are not sure how many keys are out there that may open your lock

Benefits of rekeying locks

  • Cheaper than replacing locks
  • Can be quicker than replacing locks
  • No upkeeps and works to your door

When is it best to replace locks?

  • When locks are not properly working or malfunctioning
  • Locks can grow are old and tired and worn and beyond rekeying
  • For locks that are vintage or antique locksets (can pose special problems as parts maybe hard to find)
  • When you want to do some security upgrade (staying up to date with the latest locking hardware in the market)
  • For aesthetic reasons (finding a door lock that matches the finish of your interior design)

LocksUnlimited recommends having locks alternated at least every few years just to maintain optimal functioning. But whether you rekey a lock or replacing a lock it is up to you. Your local locksmiths here at LocksUnlimited are happy to help you with either choice. We offer high quality door locks and specialist installation services to help protect you and your family.

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