When Do You Call a Locksmith?

Businesses and people contact a locksmith for countless varying intentions. Homeowners, landlords, and business owners rely on locksmith in Melbourne in times of lock out and lock problems for our services.  The most usual problem people call for our assistance is during locked out occurrences in their homes or business.

Another most common reason you will need to call a locksmith is when you plan to improve your home or business security. A professional locksmith can install security systems be it simple or elaborate depending on requirements.

Below are the most obvious reasons most people call a locksmith


Locked out situations are our most common call-out. It can happen to anyone at the most unexpected time. LocksUnlimited is your locksmith on the move in Melbourne. We will come to your location to help you get inside your property, asap.


If there are instances that you can get into your own house or office not needing a key, there may be something wrong with your security! Unfortunately, most of us realise the flaws of our security system only after a burglary.


A locksmith can also service car locked out along with the roadside assistance service. Our professional locksmiths are skilled in bypassing new locking systems for new car models. If your car is in a parking lot, and you have been locked out from your car – the more you’ll need a locksmith in Melbourne who can get to you quickly.


We always lose keys more often than we’d like (yes, it happens to the most of us). Most of us may have spare keys yet still we experience losing that one last key. Modern keys are no longer cut using metal cutting machines. Locks are becoming more and more sophisticated with some featuring electronic details, thus requiring a bit of coding knowledge.

There are more reasons to contact a locksmith in Melbourne. For your constant security and enhanced safety call LocksUnlimited today.

Locksmith in Melbourne

Finding a Locksmith in Melbourne

In Melbourne, it is really easy to find yourself a locksmith if you’re locked out or when something goes wrong with any of your locks.It is finding a professional qualified locksmith that is the problem or can be challenging.

How to spot the good from the bad locksmith?

The right locksmith in Melbourne will answer the phone almost straight away. They can quote you over the phone instantly, give you an exact time of arrival and won’t hesitate in letting you know what you need to know straight up. Getting a professional locksmith in Melbourne means your locksmith will turn up on the appointment time given. He will get you into your home or apartment with in 15 minutes with out destroying your lock. An able locksmith will have all types of lock stock in a fully-equipped van. He will change your lock or locks and will leave you with fresh quality keys.

Other Locksmiths

One the other hand, you will get some other locksmiths in Melboune who will never answer the phone. They will not tell you anything you need to know and is easy to give you false quotes.

For example, if a locksmith in Melbourne quotes you $45 to come to your door it is likely they haven’t told you the other costs involved. Be wary! This type of locksmith most likely doesn’t know what they are doing and is just going to rip you off. If it turns out that there is something faulty with your new locks days later, you need good luck trying to get one of these locksmiths back. They will never turn up again and you lose your good money spent.

LocksUnlimited = Top Quality

Locks Unlimited supply flawless quality service. We provide 100% warranty on all workmanship. We turn up on site on time every time, all the time.  Our professional locksmiths in the Melbourne area and surrounding areas we cover are here to help 24/7. Simply dial 1300 303 720

Note: The keyword Locksmith Melbourne is used by most locksmiths in Melbourne because its the most searched and clicked on search tool for customers to call. The locksmith Melbourne industry is very competitive in advertising. We all spend a lot on website, google paid advertising and rip off seo companies. In the end, you the customer, is paying for all this business cost so that’s why we charge what we charge.

Handy checklist on how to choose a good locksmith in Melbourne

Handy checklist on how to choose a good locksmith in Melbourne

Keeping our homes and family secure is always a top priority. And choosing a locksmith goes hand in hand with home security.  So when you decide to get a locksmith you must exercise some careful consideration.

For some who finds themselves in need of a locksmith in emergency situations or inconvenient times, the process of looking for the right locksmith can even become stressful. Yet, no matter when or why you need a locksmith, it’s important to choose a fully qualified, professional and trustworthy locksmith company.

locksunlimited, your local locksmith in melbourne4C’s to selecting a good locksmith in Melbourne

Here are the 4 C’s to consider when selecting a locksmith in Melbourne:

  • Certification. Choose a certified locksmith in Melbourne.  Being a locksmith is a highly specialized job. It requires high-level education and skills. Elect a qualified locksmith who has the experience, know-how, and credibility. Selecting a fully qualified Master Locksmith guarantees that the locksmith you are entrusting your security to has been thoroughly trained. Look for the MLAA logo and cross-check the company on the MLAA website.

The Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA) is composed of the master locksmiths in Australia and New Zealand. The MLAA provides network access on qualified, professional locksmiths and gives support through additional information about how to secure the important things.

  • Convenience. Pick a local locksmith that attends to your need in minutes, not hours. It is essential that the locksmith you call has a physical address located in your area. Check them on the map or in published listings. Be careful because there are heaps of locksmith services advertised online claiming ‘local’ when they aren’t.
  • Cost. Hire a locksmith that tells you how much they charge for their services. Do not opt for the cheapest options because as most people know – cheap becomes most expensive in the long term. Do not hire a locksmith who charges the earth for locks. Be wary of jumping at the first proposal. It is best to contact several locksmith companies and talk to your friends, family, and colleagues. Shop around and get different quotes.
  • Customer-first. Choose a locksmith that has an excellent track record of happy customers. The best locksmiths are very reputable and provide excellent customer service at all times. Take the time to read a few reviews online to check the reputation of any locksmith service you’re interested in using.

LocksUnlimited is a master locksmith and is an MLAA certified locksmith. We are your local locksmiths on the move 24/7 trusted around Melbourne for more than 25 years.  To get an idea of our service charge, rates and fees, click here.