3 Most Common Lock Faults

  1. Locks can be very tricky at times so when something doesn’t feel right there are some small tricks that you can check your self . The first one id to check the alignment off your door locks striker plate and latch. If the latch is not going into the hole of the striker plate an adjustment is required ether up or down or even in or out. Its recommended that a qualified locksmith dose the adjustment as it can cause other problems if not done correctly.
  2. Problem: Key to your front door with not retract out of the lock, Solution- Remove the lock cylinder and tighten the small screws in tighten back of the cylinder, WD40 can also help!
  3. Problem: Your house key is starting to stick when you turn the key, Solution- First Squirt a small amount of wd40 into the lock cylinder, If this doesn’t help then you will most likely need a Mobile locksmith to attend.

Locksmith in Melbourne

Finding a Locksmith in Melbourne

In Melbourne, it is really easy to find yourself a locksmith if you’re locked out or when something goes wrong with any of your locks.It is finding a professional qualified locksmith that is the problem or can be challenging.

How to spot the good from the bad locksmith?

The right locksmith in Melbourne will answer the phone almost straight away. They can quote you over the phone instantly, give you an exact time of arrival and won’t hesitate in letting you know what you need to know straight up. Getting a professional locksmith in Melbourne means your locksmith will turn up on the appointment time given. He will get you into your home or apartment with in 15 minutes with out destroying your lock. An able locksmith will have all types of lock stock in a fully-equipped van. He will change your lock or locks and will leave you with fresh quality keys.

Other Locksmiths

One the other hand, you will get some other locksmiths in Melboune who will never answer the phone. They will not tell you anything you need to know and is easy to give you false quotes.

For example, if a locksmith in Melbourne quotes you $45 to come to your door it is likely they haven’t told you the other costs involved. Be wary! This type of locksmith most likely doesn’t know what they are doing and is just going to rip you off. If it turns out that there is something faulty with your new locks days later, you need good luck trying to get one of these locksmiths back. They will never turn up again and you lose your good money spent.

LocksUnlimited = Top Quality

Locks Unlimited supply flawless quality service. We provide 100% warranty on all workmanship. We turn up on site on time every time, all the time.  Our professional locksmiths in the Melbourne area and surrounding areas we cover are here to help 24/7. Simply dial 1300 303 720

Note: The keyword Locksmith Melbourne is used by most locksmiths in Melbourne because its the most searched and clicked on search tool for customers to call. The locksmith Melbourne industry is very competitive in advertising. We all spend a lot on website, google paid advertising and rip off seo companies. In the end, you the customer, is paying for all this business cost so that’s why we charge what we charge.

The Importance of Re-keying Your New Premises

The Importance of Re-keying Your New Premises

With today’s constant turnover of houses, flats, apartments, and businesses – it’s important to re-key or update an existing key to a newer one. For the savvy this could mean changing the key’s code. But for the layman consumer – this just means giving the same key a new tick.

Why is rekeying important?

Rekeying ensures that the old keys lying around don’t work anymore. A lot of people say what for? ‘I know the old owners.’ But the other question would be – Do you know everyone else who has had the keys to that same property? This means  – other tenants, cleaners, builders, kids, friends, etc. Sometimes people lose yes and forget they even lost their keys. This can be a very risky business, so why take the risk?

Rekeying, LocksUnlimited Expertise

We have re-keyed a lot of properties where they have been robed with no sign of break in. No smashed glass or broken doors. In other words, we know someone has used a key to get in. It’s hard to explain to the police and insurance companies that this has happened without some suspicion. Again, case in point, why take the risk?

Things to consider when moving to a new place

It’s an exciting time to move into a new place. Please consider and take extra care with who does the moving and even who does getting the phone and power services connected and who does getting insurances. Pay attention to who does the updates inside the property to make it your own. But the most important rekeying is often forgotten.  but lock and key changing (re-keying) is the most important thing you can do before moving in by far it’s a cost effective way of doing this without the expense of replacing the whole  lock.

Your lock and key changing (re-keying) is the most critical thing you can do before moving in. It is a very cost effective way of updating home security without the expense of replacing the whole  lock.

What happens when LocksUnlimited mobile locksmith comes to your place?

step 1. we remove your locks from each door

step 2. then the locksmith will pull apart you locks and re-key the cylinders of the locks by changing the locks pins inside the lock

step 3. we then re install the locks onto the door and hand brand new keys to the client

Re-key type of job will normally take around 10 minutes per lock and cost $15 to $25 per key hole. In most cases, all locks can be keyed alike or keyed differently. Security doors are also keyed the same as your front door for convenience. Having one only key proves to be most convenient and preferred by most of our clients. So LocksUnlimited recommends it as the best way to go when rekeying.

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How to improve security at your place of business

How to improve security at your place of business

We live in a day and age where business owners are faced with constant security threats. Threats abound from competition all the way to burglars. Businesses need to ensure that there are appropriate measures in place to prevent unwanted trespassers stealing and damaging your property and hard-earned money. This unwanted entry can also put your staff and customers in a potentially violent situation.

Burglars Favorite Easy Target – shops and stores

Shops and stores have been repeatedly targeted by criminals. Owners can easily prevent these risks of attacks by simply upgrading security at the place of business. We have done all of the research for you and have the ways you can increase the security of your workplace with relatively low costs:

LocksUnlimited handy tips to secure your business

From LocksUnlimited experience, below are the ways businesses can increase the security of your workplace or business with relatively low costs:

  • Do not overcrowd your space. Have a clear view of your whole shop or store. This is essential. Having a crammed store is a thief’s dream! If they can’t see you, you usually can’t see them. This scenario is perfect for them. It makes it hard for you to see exactly have a view of what they have picked up and not paid for.
  • Magic Mirrors. Installing mirrors in the corners of your store gives you the ability to target blind spots within your store that can be used for shoplifting.
  • A View from the Outside. Have the inside of your shop visible to the people on the street. You can keep your gardens low keeping windows clear. Always ensures that the outside world can see you. This decreases the chance of your store being targeted in an armed robbery.

Securing your business

When it comes to spending money to secure your business it can get really expensive. Depending on specific circumstances, it may be beneficial for your business to consider the following choices to prevent mass theft and damage.

Basic Business Security Tips

For basic security measures, we suggest that you have:

  • CCTV.  This is now the minimum standard for security. Constantly recording and saving data is key so that if anything happens, you can at least have a view of what exactly happened.
  • Alarms. An alarm is one of the biggest deterrents for thieves, The loud sound attracting unwanted attention usually is enough for them to leave.
  • Security doors and fly screens.  Security doors and fly screens in any structure is essential. Make sure that you have all points of access fitted with a lockable screen.
  • Safe. Running a business often means that cash and valuables must be left unattended in the shop while it is closed. We recommend that you have a sturdy safe installed so that you can lock all valuables and cash away.

    Further Security, Enhanced Security

For further security for repeatedly targeted businesses, we suggest:

  • Security bollards. These are designed to keep vehicles out of areas where they shouldn’t be. We have seen more and more cases of cars being used as a weapon of choice when breaking in. Being able to literally drive through the shop, load up, then drive straight back out.
  • Security cage. Many of service stations, liquor stores, and milk bars have installed these security cages to protect their staff and products from theft.

Security person. A security guard, recently is a hit. Many businesses have required the assistance of a professional security guard. Some thieves just don’t care, the thought of being caught doesn’t faze them and know that there isn’t much that you can do to stop them from just walking out. Having a security guard means that your stock will be recovered on a more consistent basis and it will deter most thieves from even attempting to steal in the first place.

LocksUnlimited are here to help call us on 1300 303 720

Letter Box Keys and Locks

Letter Box Keys and Locks

In Melbourne, most apartments, units, and homes have key locked letter boxes. Missing letters is a common everyday case. Spare front door keys or any keys for that matter are even taken out from these letter boxes. So, never leave your house or car keys in your letter box.

letter boxIf you happen to lose your keys or had them stolen our mobile locksmiths at LocksUnlimited can bring service to your door and replace or just make new keys for your letter box lock – pronto! Supply and installation of a letter box lock will cost around $99 – $125 for a quality cam lock. It is also possible to better the letter box lock using a pin tumbler style key lock with the option to have security keys fitted also.

Security keys are a lot more difficult to pick open and very difficult to defeat with a screw driver. Cost is $225, fitted. It is also possible to have a digital combination lock installed to a letter box. These digital combination locks have a three number code system and you can pick your own number.

If you would like to get very fancy there is a lock available that will open using your mobile phone. Ask LocksUnlimited about it today.



Home Security for a Stay at Home Mum

Home safe Home: A LocksUnlimited Testimonial

As a stay at home mum of two young children, I have found myself recently wondering what I would do if someone decided to break into my house. You see it all over social media and the news, people being held up in their own houses by criminals with weapons just so they can steal someone else’s money and valuable possessions. I don’t know what I would do if I am faced by an intruder. How would I protect my children if things turn violent? The feeling I got thinking of something happening to my girls left me feeling sick. This is when I decided to act instead of worrying about them constantly.

Hunting for a Local Locksmith

I did some research online in ways that I could make my home safer, but it was nothing more than “leave your lights on when you leave the house” or “get your neighbours to bring your bins in when you go away” the most useful tip “get a dog”. I wanted extra security so I bit the bullet and called a few local locksmith companies (and pet stores). The quotes were ridiculous! I even had one guy who seemed annoyed by my phone call.

My LocksUnlimited Experience

I contacted LocksUnlimited and expressed my concerns and asked what kind of services they offer. The man on the other end of the phone was happy, polite and very informative. He asked me about my budget! Instead of pushing me towards the top-notch security system that I could not afford, we ran over my budget and then arrived at a reasonable quote (which was below my budget!). They even had a van at my house within 20 minutes!

LocksUnlimited Incredible Service

The service I received was incredible. I was greeted by a friendly man named Damian. He had a look around my house to make sure that his quote was accurate before he started. He then produced everything right there and then. First, he installed deadbolts to my front and back doors. He checked our locks on the door and flyscreens and made sure these were in good working order. He fixed patio bolts to both of our sliding doors and put lockable window locks on all of our windows. On top of all these, he provided locks for the side gate and metre box. Bonus was the special feature of my locks having the same key!

Lessons from a Master Locksmith

We got to talking at it. It is amazing the stories a locksmith could tell you. He advised me not to open the door to anyone. He has heard of people impersonating police officers. I reckon my fears were reasonable.  Now that my home security has been upgraded, I definitely feel a lot safer.

Big thanks to LocksUnlimited

I cannot thank LocksUnlimited enough for the service they provided. Anytime, will gladlyrecommend them to anyone who may have the same concerns as I had. Knowing that my family is safe, I can now sleep easy at night. I am not also worried about being alone during the day anymore.

Once again Thank You LocksUnlimited for making my home safe again!