Apartment Renters Security Guide

locksunlimited - apartment securityApartment renters have special security concerns. Living close with other tenants, and the great amount of foot traffic can be aspects that may escalate the risk of intrusion and burglary.

From a locksmith point of view, here are some tips to deliberate when picking an apartment, and ideas for keeping the place safe after lease signing.

Before Making the Move

Security should be a top priority to protect your home and family before making that decision to move into a new apartment.

1. Check and Study Local Crime. Once you reckon you’ve found your dream apartment, check the local crime data of the area first. Find out any concerning activities in the neighborhood before signing a lease. Speak with the local police, prospective neighbours and your future landlord. Get an honest view of what life is like in the place.

These websites may also be useful Vicpolicenews.com.au, Crimestoppersvic.com.au, Crimestatistics.vic.gov.au, and Police.gov.com.au will have the factual information you need.

2. Ensure Good Lighting. Burglars like dark and dingy prefer spaces. So on your new apartment consider checking the entrances, hallways, walkways, parking areas, elevators, stairways, mail areas, and laundry rooms and ensure they have good lighting especially at night. If there are areas that look unsafe, talk to your landlord about getting more lights installed.

You may also think about putting a motion sensor light where necessary (usually the entrances). Make sure there are no dim, poorly lit to hide, the safer you’ll be.

locksunlimited clean apartment3. Note Standard Upkeep. Consider all the routine maintenance and take in the general look and feel of the apartment. Are there water stains, broken windows, or cracked drywall, or water stains displays a lack of concern from a landlord. How about the lawn and landscaping, are these well-kept too?

If the landlord takes the standard basic maintenance for granted, chances are there would be lapses as well with general security.

4. Ensure Safe Apartment Entrances. Building security must be a top priority when choosing an apartment. Residents must have control of the apartment access points to reduce possibilities of break-ins.

Most apartments outside entry have gates which require a key, a passcode, or buzz-ins to access the hallways before having real access to apartment doors.

locksunlimited peephole5. Look into a Peephole. A peephole, peekhole, spyhole or door viewer, is a small opening through a door allowing an individual to look from the inside to the outside. It can keep you and your family safe by allowing you to see who’s at your door before you open it. If your door does not one ask about getting one installed before moving in. A peephole is particularly useful when there are questionable characters at your door. It keeps you safe and helps prevent any compromising situations. One modern alternative is to have a smart doorbell camera which lets you answer your apartment door anywhere with your smartphone. This type allows you to see who is visiting your apartment through your smartphone.

5. Get New Door Locks or Rekey Locks. In places with a constant turnover of houses, flats, apartments, and businesses like Melbourne– it’s vital to re-key current keys. More on rekeying here. It is better to be wise than sorry. Request to have your apartment locks replaced with brand new locks, not reused or refurbished ones. Never take the chance of having somebody having access to your apartment with an old key.

6. Inspect Window Locks. Windows are second preferred burglar access point. This is more so for apartments on the ground level. So consider all windows as a probable entry point – make sure all window locks are functioning perfectly and cannot be wielded from the outside.

7. Notice the Fire Alarms and Exits. To keep safe make sure the alarms are all in order and the exits are clear. Check if the fire escape access are properly kept and not accessible to intruders and burglars.


In apartment complexes, exterior fire escapes can be lifesavers during an emergency, but their access to windows and balconies can also attract burglars. If your apartment has a fire escape, make sure it is stored properly off the ground, so intruders can’t reach your apartment.

For more apartment security measures, get in touch with LocksUnlimited today.