The Importance of Re-keying Your New Premises

locksmith in melbourne rekeying your premises

The Importance of Re-keying Your New Premises

With today’s constant turnover of houses, flats, apartments, and businesses – it’s important to re-key or update an existing key to a newer one. For the savvy this could mean changing the key’s code. But for the layman consumer – this just means giving the same key a new tick.

Why is rekeying important?

Rekeying ensures that the old keys lying around don’t work anymore. A lot of people say what for? ‘I know the old owners.’ But the other question would be – Do you know everyone else who has had the keys to that same property? This means  – other tenants, cleaners, builders, kids, friends, etc. Sometimes people lose yes and forget they even lost their keys. This can be a very risky business, so why take the risk?

Rekeying, LocksUnlimited Expertise

We have re-keyed a lot of properties where they have been robed with no sign of break in. No smashed glass or broken doors. In other words, we know someone has used a key to get in. It’s hard to explain to the police and insurance companies that this has happened without some suspicion. Again, case in point, why take the risk?

Things to consider when moving to a new place

It’s an exciting time to move into a new place. Please consider and take extra care with who does the moving and even who does getting the phone and power services connected and who does getting insurances. Pay attention to who does the updates inside the property to make it your own. But the most important rekeying is often forgotten.  but lock and key changing (re-keying) is the most important thing you can do before moving in by far it’s a cost effective way of doing this without the expense of replacing the whole  lock.

Your lock and key changing (re-keying) is the most critical thing you can do before moving in. It is a very cost effective way of updating home security without the expense of replacing the whole  lock.

What happens when LocksUnlimited mobile locksmith comes to your place?

step 1. we remove your locks from each door

step 2. then the locksmith will pull apart you locks and re-key the cylinders of the locks by changing the locks pins inside the lock

step 3. we then re install the locks onto the door and hand brand new keys to the client

Re-key type of job will normally take around 10 minutes per lock and cost $15 to $25 per key hole. In most cases, all locks can be keyed alike or keyed differently. Security doors are also keyed the same as your front door for convenience. Having one only key proves to be most convenient and preferred by most of our clients. So LocksUnlimited recommends it as the best way to go when rekeying.

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