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Home safe Home: A LocksUnlimited Testimonial

As a stay at home mum of two young children, I have found myself recently wondering what I would do if someone decided to break into my house. You see it all over social media and the news, people being held up in their own houses by criminals with weapons just so they can steal someone else’s money and valuable possessions. I don’t know what I would do if I am faced by an intruder. How would I protect my children if things turn violent? The feeling I got thinking of something happening to my girls left me feeling sick. This is when I decided to act instead of worrying about them constantly.

Hunting for a Local Locksmith

I did some research online in ways that I could make my home safer, but it was nothing more than “leave your lights on when you leave the house” or “get your neighbours to bring your bins in when you go away” the most useful tip “get a dog”. I wanted extra security so I bit the bullet and called a few local locksmith companies (and pet stores). The quotes were ridiculous! I even had one guy who seemed annoyed by my phone call.

My LocksUnlimited Experience

I contacted LocksUnlimited and expressed my concerns and asked what kind of services they offer. The man on the other end of the phone was happy, polite and very informative. He asked me about my budget! Instead of pushing me towards the top-notch security system that I could not afford, we ran over my budget and then arrived at a reasonable quote (which was below my budget!). They even had a van at my house within 20 minutes!

LocksUnlimited Incredible Service

The service I received was incredible. I was greeted by a friendly man named Damian. He had a look around my house to make sure that his quote was accurate before he started. He then produced everything right there and then. First, he installed deadbolts to my front and back doors. He checked our locks on the door and flyscreens and made sure these were in good working order. He fixed patio bolts to both of our sliding doors and put lockable window locks on all of our windows. On top of all these, he provided locks for the side gate and metre box. Bonus was the special feature of my locks having the same key!

Lessons from a Master Locksmith

We got to talking at it. It is amazing the stories a locksmith could tell you. He advised me not to open the door to anyone. He has heard of people impersonating police officers. I reckon my fears were reasonable.  Now that my home security has been upgraded, I definitely feel a lot safer.

Big thanks to LocksUnlimited

I cannot thank LocksUnlimited enough for the service they provided. Anytime, will gladlyrecommend them to anyone who may have the same concerns as I had. Knowing that my family is safe, I can now sleep easy at night. I am not also worried about being alone during the day anymore.

Once again Thank You LocksUnlimited for making my home safe again!

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