Must Knows About Restricted Key Access

LocksUnlimited supports the use of restricted key access for businesses improved security.


Key restricted access is mainly used to limit the means of entry access to some areas in the business to only authorised key personnel. Example of these areas includes the server room, the records room, the stock room, the safe, etc.

Having restricted key access, only chosen staff will have a key or the ability to or privilege of admittance to easily keep track of who has been in and out of the area.  Working with key restricted access offer many advantages.


As soon as your locksmith has done you the required number of key copies, you can be absolutely certain the keys cannot be copied. Significantly, only the prime locksmith who made the copies can cut a restricted key. Another assurance is that the key can only be cut if your locksmith has obtained your directions or request.


You can enjoy the guarantee of waking up every day knowing that your assets are secured. Of course, you always have the option to have a locksmith fit standard locks but with consider that crimes are on the rise, these days safety is key. Restricted keys offer boosted security giving you peace of mind. Restricted keys are hard to break in. If someone really wanted to break in, it will take time, ample time for you to alert the authorities.


LocksUnlimited uses only top of the line standard locks. However, you cannot discount seasoned burglars to succeed in picking your lock. For this reason, LocksUnlimited suggests for every business areas needing utmost security to have restricted keys. Simply put, employ locking system that can not be picked. It gives business owners control. In case of unauthorised access, you can narrow it down with an authorised key in the wrong hands.


This is true. Compare the investment you will initially put down for your locking system VS the potential loss you may bring your business or home. It is always better safe than sorry. Your restricted key access expense is only a small fraction of the likely loss that can occur in case of intruders break in.

So wait no more. Level up your business’s security today! LocksUnlimited can help you install restricted key access. Should you require more information about restricted key access, dial 1300 303 720 and a professional locksmith will be happy to help.

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