Get a Real Locksmith

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Locks Unlimited Locksmiths in Melbourne offers a full 100% onsite workmanship and product guarantee

So if you have any problem with a product or services please let us know and we will come out onsite free of charge and fix the problem.

Locks Unlimited have been in the locksmith business for over 25 years and we are here to stay. Don’t get court out with back yard mobile locksmiths that only trade for a short period of time. Get a business with a good name in the business and will return to you for other trusted services or warranties if than happen to come up.

Another example is if you order a locksmith because you happen to of locked your self out, if the the locksmith arrives to open your door and wants to just drill your lock out costing you a new lock, Stop its a scam. Yes is some cases locks do need to be drilled out but not within the first 30 seconds or 10 minutes. A professional locksmith in most cases be able to pick your front door open with no damage to your door or lock. Picking a door lock takes years of training and practice and also in some cases locks today have anti picking pins inside the lock cylinders. This is where you need to get your self the write locksmith. Remember the name Locks Unlimited.