3 Most Common Lock Faults

  1. Locks can be very tricky at times so when something doesn’t feel right there are some small tricks that you can check your self . The first one id to check the alignment off your door locks striker plate and latch. If the latch is not going into the hole of the striker plate an adjustment is required ether up or down or even in or out. Its recommended that a qualified locksmith dose the adjustment as it can cause other problems if not done correctly.
  2. Problem: Key to your front door with not retract out of the lock, Solution- Remove the lock cylinder and tighten the small screws in tighten back of the cylinder, WD40 can also help!
  3. Problem: Your house key is starting to stick when you turn the key, Solution- First Squirt a small amount of wd40 into the lock cylinder, If this doesn’t help then you will most likely need a Mobile locksmith to attend.