Home Security Tips from a Master Locksmith

As practicing security professionals helping clients every day to secure their homes, vehicles, and businesses – we had our share of witnessing security hits and misses. As master locksmiths, it is our duty to ensure the safest environment is delivered in our service areas around Melbourne. We wish to see that everyone commit to their security as a top priority.

So, direct from LocksUnlimited master locksmiths, below are our home security tips.

Exterior, Out-of-doors

• Brighten the foyer, set up lights outside the house, in the garden
• Cut and tidy bushes and clear away any possible hiding spots
• Don’t leave large boxes, chairs, and ladders outside
• General alarm and monitoring signs can be good burglar deterrents
• Always secure mailboxes, have them locked
• Evaluate the benefits of an alarm system or CCTV

Windows and Doors

• It is wise to have every door with exterior access to have a deadbolt
• Bolster door jambs with long screws so they don’t get kicked in easily
• Favor steel security doors with burglar safe glass
• Make it a habit to shut blinds and curtains when leaving the house or even when you’re just at home to avoid being scoped for burglary
• Ensure windows are locked, only open them when necessary and you are at home
• Have dowels in all doors and windows to reinforce security


• Never leave your keys with others; a lock box with a security code is better
• When keys are lost, don’t just get new keys, change the locking system
• Look at having all your keys the same, (other than the ones for cleaners or babysitters) this way, if a key is lost or your safety is in question, only one lock needs to be replaced

The same home security applies for property rentals. It is important to evaluate the security features your house or building has. Contact LocksUnlimited to a full security assessment of your home, apartment or building.

Stay Away from Scammers, Go for a Trusted Locksmith

Stay Away from Scammers, Go for a Trusted Locksmith

A locksmith is in charge of your home, car or business security so it is a must that your locksmith is someone you rely upon. He is accountable and is tasked to maintain the safety of your property.

Sadly, more and more consumers are getting scammed by locksmiths day in and day out. These scammers pose as professional locksmiths. They install locks and secretly make copies of the keys. They then return at a later time and with the key copies, they have easy access to your house, your vehicle or your trade.

So, how can you prevent this unfortunate circumstance from happening to you? LocksUnlimited shares this helpful tips from our team of reliable locksmiths.

TIP #1.) Beware of locksmiths asking you to replace locks

When locksmiths advise changing a lock during a lockout – that is a red flag. A skilled locksmith can get you in without destroying any locks. A locksmith asking for unnecessary lock replacement is either not good or is after the money.

TIP #2.) Inconsistent quote

When you are given a quote, a good locksmith sticks by it. When quotes change like the wind – that is another red flag. Simply don’t do any business with tradesmen who cannot stand by their word.

TIP #3.) The only hero show

Be aware that when you lost or broke a car key specifically, you can ask any locksmith to replace it with the alarm system. Of course, nearly all car dealers say they are the only ones who can solve your problem – this is clearly not true.

TIP #4.) Best referral is from someone you know

Pick your locksmith from a friend referral or from someone you know. Testimony from family, colleague or neighbor is always better than the internet.

TIP #5.) Locksmith on foot

Credible and professional locksmiths will normally have a service vehicle. It is a valuable tool used to move around service area. Exercise some caution when your locksmith arrives on foot – unless he is the neighbor.

TIP #6.) Get an ID all the time

Make it a habit to always ask for identification not just for locksmiths but for any service person who accesses your home, car or business. A professional locksmith has a card with a picture of them showing their accreditation. Credible locksmiths have business cards to hand to clients.

We hope our 6 words of the wise aids you in finding the local locksmith who will be your hero. LocksUnlimited has been a trusted local locksmith in Melbourne for over 25 years.